K and K Engeneering Ltd.

As a result of our cooperation we have seen in the high professionalism of employees of "I+I 91" Ltd and hereby take this opportunity to recommend the company as the right partner.

BHP International Ltd.

Company "I&I 91" LTD has an experienced staff, manufacturing and service facilities.

Mega Mall Sofia - Magnum Bulgaria Gamma Ltd.

Achieved in our collaboration deserves the trust of all their current and future partners and good work is their best recommendation.

Buisness Park Sofia, Building 8

In view of our cooperation, honest relations and professionalism recommend the company "I & I 91" LTD as a reliable partner.

Buisness Park Sofia, K-Express

"I + I 91" Ltd. has extensive experience in the organization and execution of the construction works. The company has all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel for the preparation and implementation of modern engineering.

Infiniti - Vitosha Auto Ltd.

The company has its own manufacturing base, which allows quick and flexible execution of assigned tasks.

Available highly skilled staff is а guarantee to solve technical problems in large engineering projects.

Hyundai - High Business Center Ltd.

Reference is issued in connection with the HVAC implementation and plumbing of Hyundai Building - Sales and Auto Service Center - Mladost, Sofia.

Kia Motors Bulgaria & Subaru Motors - New Estates Ltd.

This reference is issued by the company ''I + 91" Ltd stating that the same produce, deliver, install and put into operation a heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings of Kia Motors Bulgaria and Subaru Motors owned by New Estates LTD.

K&K Engeneering Ltd.

The work was completed timely and quality at economically sound engineering solutions that are appropriate to our desires as principals.

Lindner Bulgariq Ltd.

This reference is issued stating that the company "I & I 91" Ltd. has executed ventilation and air conditioning installations: Multifunctional building 10 Business Park Sofia; Multifunctional Building 7 Business Park Sofia; processing offices located in buildings 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12 and 13 of the Business Park Sofia; Mall of Sofia.

Coordeel Bulgaria Inc.

We "KORDEEL BULGARIA" INC issue this reference to "I + I 91" Ltd. stating that the company is our partner in building heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing systems of a number of sites.

Agrogroup Exact Ltd.

Construction works Reference - project "Specialized Eye Hospital" - Varna, 11.03.2017,